As many Hello Insight members are gearing up for summer and a return to in-person programming, we know that more and more youth-serving organizations are looking to use this time as an opportunity to support young people in building their college and career readiness.

Developed by our partners at Maryland Out -of School Time (MOST) Network, we’re excited to share with you a resource  that connects with the Hello Insight social and emotional learning framework: The College and Career Readiness (CCR) Toolkit. Supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the CCR Toolkit was developed by a cohort of organizations seeking to better integrate more college and career readiness components into their diverse programs. The comprehensive guide helps middle and high school out-of-school-time programs get laser focused on building 21st century skills.

The toolkit provides practical resources, information and activities for out-of-school time programs to move through this continuum, starting with foundational skills, career and college readiness, culture building, and awareness. As students move closer to high school graduation, the toolkit offers how-to’s on building partnerships with colleges and industry to make the transition to applied learning that prepares students for the next steps.

We are thrilled that they have adopted the Hello Insight: College Readiness and Hello Insight: Career/Workforce Readiness tools as their backbone for learning and improvement. Check out our section in the Toolkit entitled “Collecting Data Related to College and Career Readiness.”

Hello Insight member Sam Little, Environmental Education Manager of Baltimore's Parks & People Foundation commented about his Hello Insight experience:
"Hello Insight helps us learn what we need to focus on during the year while also evaluating our success at the end. Specifically, the college readiness measures help us understand what we can do to help our participants get to college and succeed. It's an extremely helpful tool for understanding not only what we need to integrate into all our youth programs but also how well we are doing our job. We have been able to make concrete, evidenced-based, real-time changes to our program thanks to Hello Insight."

Several MOST members, including Sam, are CCR Ambassadors who have been trained to support the use of the Toolkit. Stay tuned for updates on resources and CCR site, including free and low-cost professional development resources including videos, online courses, and opportunities for live virtual training.

We look forward to hearing how you’re using the Toolkit!