Key Takeaways and Resources:

How to build from a Single Research-Based Practice:

The potential for impact scores help you decide which experiences should be prioritized in your program

  1. Reflecting on the Experience with the highest potential for impact score is the first step you and your team can take. Use the two questions in the padlet to spark discussions.
    Remember, these questions will only get you started. The reflection that follows will depend on your team and context.
  2. Start slow and build from there. Reflect on a single research-based practice. This will help your team to focus and dive deeper into how a practice is intentionally built into your program (or still needs to be). Only then iterate to reflect on a different practice. The more you iterate, the more you build your team’s capacity to integrate research-based practices into your program.
  3. If you encounter difficulties accessing the Pre Report, or if it's not yet ready, consider focusing on Engage Authentically and Promote Peer Bonds, foundational experiences across most tools. For users of HI Career Readiness, concentrate on Build Relationships and Foster Reflection.

Examples of Research-Based Practices and Ideas for Improvement

  • Explore diverse ways of integrating a single practice across different programs.
  • Ensure that frontline staff receive training, mentoring, coaching, and support for effective implementation of a specific practice.
  • Embrace the positive challenge of creating more opportunities for young people's feedback and leadership.

In case you missed it, click here to review and contribute to the  the Reflection Padlet, and here to get the Slide Deck.