Leaders of youth development nonprofits are facing new challenges every day during the COVID-19 pandemic, working to ensure their critical services will remain for the communities they serve. This set of resources provides information and guidance for your organization, including helpful information about state and national supports.

What If? The Art Of Scenario Thinking For Nonprofits

PDF • Global Business Network • Added May 29, 2020
This guide is specifically designed for nonprofit organizations to learn about scenario thinking and implement it in their organization.

Tough Times Call For Tough Action March 31, 2020 A Decision Framework For Nonprofit Leaders & Boards

PDF • SeaChange • Added May 29,2020
A briefing that summarizes the advice SeaChangehave given them and the best practices we are seeing in the field.

Covid-19 Resources For Nonprofits

Resource List • Youth Inc • Added May 1, 2020
Access a variety of resources such as grant opportunities, webinar on fundraising and communication, and legal resources for New York nonprofits during COVID-19.

COVID Grants List

Resource • Youth Today • Added April 16, 2020
Youth Today has gathered a list of grant opportunities focused on funding projects or activities related to the COVID-19 virus.

Nonprofit Crisis Management: A Checklist

Article • The Chronicle of Philosophy• Added April 14, 2020
This checklist provides suggestions for steps to take in key areas of Nonprofit Mangement, such as assessing strengths and weaknesses, and strategies to adopt to help your organization survive and be sustainable.

COVID-19 Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

Resource • Non-Profit Financial Fund • Added April 5, 2020
Nonprofits across the country are navigating canceled fundraising events, the inability to fulfill government contracts due to school closures, and other sources of revenue loss, all while needing to serve clients in new ways. We hope these tips, blogs, tools, and resources will help.

COVID-19: Considerations for the Afterschool Field

FAQ • Afterschool Alliance • Added April 2, 2020
Find examples of effective guidance for programs and challenges to consider as your organization deals with COVID-19, including state-level resources.

Data Visualization for NonProfits

Free Subscription • UpMetrics • Added April 6, 2020
UpMetrics is making its data platform free to all non-profits through the end of 2020. Their all-in-one platform allows organizations to highlight progress towards goals, share compelling stories from the field, and fundraise with your existing donation tools.

Disaster Loan Assistance

Federal Assistance • US Small Business Administration • Added April 6, 2020
If you or your business needs monetary help, the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program provides loans for businesses, private nonprofits, homeowners, and renters who are impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Nonprofits and Coronavirus, COVID-19

Resource • Council of Nonprofits • Added April 4, 2020
Review this list of up-to-date information and resources that nonprofits can use to prepare and respond during COVID-19.

NYC COVID-19 Updates

Resource • Nonprofit New York • Added April 6, 2020
Access essential updates, facts, and resources for New York nonprofits during COVID-19.

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